Олимпиадные задания с решениями

Английский язык 7-8 класс, школьный (первый) этап, г. Москва, 2016 год

Part 1″Listening» (10 minutes)

Maximum points – 6

Audioscript ↓

You are going to hear a teenager, Ben, talking to his sister, Erica, about his best friend, Liam. Listen to their conversation. Decide if each sentence 1–6 is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, put a tick in the box under A for YES. If it is not correct, put a tick in the box under B for NO.
1. Erica thinks Ben should see Liam more often.
2. Ben enjoys travelling by road to see Liam.
3. According to Ben, the train costs too much.
4. He says that Liam wants to visit him at weekends.
5. Ben says that Liam and he are still good friends.
6. Erica is sure that Liam knows how Ben feels.

Part 2 «Reading» (15 minutes)

Maximum points – 6 

Read about the people in texts  712. They all would like to learn something new. Match schools/ courses AG with the people whose interests they can satisfy. There is one letter you do not need to use.

  1. Edwina works for a multinational company with branches in most European countries. She really needs to learn French and German, but she has very little spare time and thinks it could be difficult to find time.
  2. Damian got his job as soon as he left school. He never had the chance to go to university. He isn’t very happy with his job, but he knows he can’t get a better one without a degree. He might try a part-time degree course if it’s not too demanding.
  3. Alice has a lot of time on her hands. She is a very creative person with a lot of imagination, which she really doesn’t use very much right now. She already has a lot of hobbies, but she’d rather learn something new that would let her use her imagination.
  4. Paul doesn’t work; he looks after the children while his wife goes to work. He would like to do something for himself, learn something new or take up a new hobby, but he needs to stay at home.
  5. Rhona is a school teacher. She teaches mathematics, but has always been interested in art and culture. She takes a great interest in the philosophy and civilization of the East. She may go to Vietnam next year.
  6. Philip finds his life boring. He works nine to five, but has no other interests and would like to find something to do in the evening, maybe enroll on a course to learn something new, but nothing too demanding.

A. The Language School

Take courses in more than  just languages! You can learn about the culture and the history of the countries where the languages we teach are spoken! We specialize in less common languages spoken in Asia in the Far East.

B. The Internet School

We offer a variety of courses in over a hundred different subjects from accounting to interior design. You don’t have to attend the classes: all courses are offered 100% online. A certificate is mailed to you when you finish.

C. Professional Communication

Language courses in most European languages at all levels,  from beginners to advanced. Most of the coursework can be done online and you only need to attend classes once a fortnight on any evening. Ideal for busy professionals.

D. Access to Education

We have courses in economics, business administration and management, leading to a degree. The course programme is extremely flexible, ideal for working students, and uses a combination of online study and face-to-face tutorials. You may attend at a time that is convenient for you.

E. Business Courses

Do you have a head for Business? Our dynamic courses will give you the know-how to keep up in an ever changing business world. Offering everything in between Business Administration and Accounting,  we have an opportunity to suit your learning style and needs. Two years of intense studying will lead you to a degree you are dreaming of.

F. The Writing Centre

The Centre offers creative writing courses and workshops for people who are interested in a career  as a writer. Lessons are two or three times a week. You can choose between writing a short story or a novel.

G. The Music Academy

We’ve just introduced part-time courses  in Jazz singing and/or playing the guitar specially for adults! All lessons take place in the evening. Courses for both beginners and more advanced students available!

Part 3 «Use of English» (20 minutes)

Maximum points – 38 

Task 1

Read the text below and choose  the correct word for each space. For each question 1322, mark the letter next to the correct word – A, B, C or D. The first one is done for you.

Example answer:   0 A  B C D


If you ask many people to (0) ____ a twentieth-century artist, they will suggest ‘Picasso’. Although he (13) _____ born in 1881 and died in 1973, the general public (14) ______ thinks of his work as modern art. His early paintings look traditional (15) ______ us nowadays, but his later work is less easy to understand, (16) ______ seventy years after he did it. One thing students should (17) ______ about Picasso is that he enjoyed a joke. This is clear (18) ______ we look at the drawings he made on dishes and pots. When we try to (19) ______ the importance of Picasso, we must not forget that he was a clever businessman as well as a great artist. Although poor when young, he was excellent (20) ______ selling his work, and he became extremely rich. He believed he was a great artist, and he could (21) ______ other people that he was too. Some people feel that there are other twentieth-century artists who should be (22) ______ famous, but this can only be decided in the future.

0 name call say  tell
13  was has is  had
14  yet still just already
15  with by to for
16 all that though even
17 remember revise review remind
18 how when where which
19 check consist judge discover
20  in on out at
21  persuade insist decide agree
22 actually presently fairly equally

Task 2

Put each verb in brackets 23–39 in the correct tense and voice forms. The first one is done for you.

 An old school friend

When John  (0)  saw _______(see) the large crowd which  (23) __________ (gather) in the street, he wasn’t sure at first what (24) ________ (happen). There were so many people blocking the entrance to the hotel, that he (25) ___________ (have to push) his way through them to get to the door. At the door he (26) __________ (find) two policemen who (27) ________ (try) to hold the crowd back. ‘What on earth (28) __________ (go) on?’ he asked them. Then John noticed that some of the crowd (29) ___________ (hold) placards which read, ‘We  (30) _______ (love) you, Sally.’ Of course, that was it. Sally Good was a footballer, the first woman to play for England. Although John wasn’t really  interested in sport he  (31)__________ (decide) he (32)_________( join) the crowd and wait until she (33) __________ (appear). About ten minutes later, a smiling woman appeared and waved to the crowd. John  (34) __________ (take) completely by surprise when she (35) _______ (take) his arm and (36) __________ (say), ‘(37) _________ (you remember) me? I (38) _________ (be) the girl who (39) __________(use) to sit next to you at school.’


0 saw

Task 3

Quiz. Choose the correct answer.

40. What is the capital of Australia?

  • a) Sydney
  • b) Canberra
  • c) Melbourne

41. The first Moscow Metro line ran from Sokolniki to …..

  • a) Tverskaya Street
  • b) Arbat Street
  • c) Gorky Park

42. Who is the author of the Lord of the Rings?

  • a) J. Rowling
  • b) J.R. Tolkien
  • c) G. Orwell

43. Which country celebrates Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday?

  • a) the USA
  • b) the UK
  • c) Australia

44. What is the name of England’s national saint?

  • a) St. George
  • b) St. Andrew
  • c) St. Patrick

45. Where is the White House located?

  • a) Washington DC
  • b) Washington
  • c) New York

46. The first Russian tsar to be crowned in Uspensky Cathedral in Moscow was

  • a) Peter the Great
  • b) Dmitriy Donskoy
  • c) Ivan the Terrible

47. Which famous battle was fought in England in 1066?

  • a) Battle of Waterloo
  • b) Battle of Hastings
  • c) Battle of Trafalgar

48. Who was the first president of the USA?

  • a) Theodore Roosevelt
  • b) George Washington
  • c) Abraham Lincoln

49. Which English king had six wives?

  • a) Henry IV
  • b) Henry VI
  • c) Henry VIII

50. Which animal may look at the Queen?

  • a) a lion
  • b) a dog
  • c) a cat

Part 4 «Writing» (25 minutes)

Maximum points – 15

In an English-language magazine you  saw the following announcement about a competition and decided to participate in it.

Welcome to the Internet!

Win a brand new laptop plus all the essential software  and a year’s free Internet access.

Write and tell us about the changes the Internet has brought about in the tourism industry in our country.

We will publish the winning article in next month’s issue.

Write your competition article.

In your article you should:

  • start with a title;
  • make an introduction ;
  • mention at least two positive and two negative changes the Internet has brought in the tourism industry in our country;
  • write if people can rely on the Internet when they travel;
  • give your ideas what the future for the Internet will be in the tourism industry in our country;
  • make a conclusion.

Write 180200 words.

Total maximum points – 65


Part 1 «Listening»

1 2 3 4 5 6

Part 2 «Reading»

7 8 9 10 11 12

Part 3 «Use of English»

Task 1

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Task 2

0 Saw 31 decided
23 had gathered/ ‘d gathered /was gathering 32 would join/ ‘d join
24 had happened/ ‘d happened / was happening 33 appeared
25 had to push 34 was taken
26 found 35 took
27 were trying 36 said
28 is going 37 Do you remember
29 were holding 38 am/ ‘m/ was
30 love 39 used

Task 3

40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50


Look at Part 1 ↑

Erica: So, Ben, how often do you and Liam actually get together these days?

Ben: Whenever I can, Erica. Usually about once every two months.

Erica: I don’t think that’s enough, really, to keep a friendship going. Couldn’t you
visit him each month, or ask him to come here?

Ben: Well, it’s a long way to go. More than 400 kilometres, I think.

Erica: How long does it take?

Ben: Over six hours, each way. So you spend half the weekend on the coach, going
up and down the motorway. It’s so boring.

Erica: How about taking the train? Wouldn’t that be quicker?

Ben: I don’t think I could afford it. The fares are really high.

Erica: Why don’t you get a student travel card? Your tickets would be a lot cheaper.

Ben: Hmm. That’s an idea.

Erica: And Liam could get one, too. Then he could sometimes come here on
Saturdays and Sundays to see you.

Ben: I don’t think he’s keen on doing that. He likes his new town a lot. He wants to
stay there at weekends, he says.

Erica: I see. So you go and see him, but he never comes here.

Ben: I’m sure that’s because there’s so much to do there. It’s an exciting town, and I
know he’s made new friends there. But we get on really well and we are not suddenly
going to stop being friends.

Erica: No, I’m not saying that at all. But maybe you need to remind him that you’ve
been friends since you were little kids. And tell him how important a friend he is to
you. He might not realise that, especially with all the changes in his life right now.

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